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Mental Health Professionals

During the past 20 years, extensive research has been conducted into the life-long challenges that adoptees face.  It is crucial for the clinicians who work with them to develop an awareness of the challenges and techniques which are most effective throughout each developmental stage.  Our goal for mental health professionals is to increase their knowledge about adoption

TBA is available to consult with mental health professionals about the specific challenges their clients are facing.  TBA also provides staff supervision and training. 

Topics include:

    The seven core issues of adoption
    Loss as the foundation of adoption
    The normative developmental stages
    Positive adoption language
    Effective therapeutic techniques
    Search and Reunion

Past trainings have included:
    Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychologists
    The Life Solution Center of Darien
    Westport Family Counseling

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Connecticut


Strengthening the well-being of families formed through adoption.