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Groups for Middle School Adoptees

The middle school years are challenging, but for adoptees they present unique challenges as they begin to think about who they are in the world.

Middle School Adoption Support Group

Purpose: This group provides a safe place for discussion about challenges of being in middle school.  It will help participants explore and identify their feelings around adoption and learn special techniques for coping with these feelings.  The group helps adoptees know they are not alone.

Membership: The group is open to middle-schoolers.  (If they are working with a therapist, we will need the approval of the therapist.)

Activities: Role play, discussion, and creative expression will be used to facilitate the exploration of adoption themes. The group will end with an exciting adventure-based activity.  Groups will meet for four sessions.  Each session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long.  Groups are formed based on interest. 

E-mail us if you wish to enroll your child in the next session.


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