Search and Reunion Consultation: Support and Education for Parents and Adoptees

Risa and Susan will meet with the parents to assess where members of the triad are, establish strategies and create a timetable.  Subsequent sessions are scheduled with the adoptee, parents and the family throughout the process.

Email us to set up a time to talk.


Search and Reunion: Designing a Workbook
There is lots of enthusiasm about creating a workbook that can be used by all members of the triad throughout the Search and Reunion process.  The group will pose questions arise though the multiple stages of Search and Reunion.  Answering these questions as a group, would be tremendously helpful to members of the triad who are considering searching.  We will meet several times throughout the year to brainstorm, create topics and questions and produce the actual workbook. 

Logistics: We'd like to meet on Saturday, August 25th from 10:30am to 12:00pm.  There needs to be 4 people (any member of the triad is welcome) for us to get together. 

Fee: There is no charge for participating in this project.

Email us if you are you interested in either/both of these groups. 


Strengthening the well-being of families formed through adoption.

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